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Published: 07th February 2012
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We dog lovers know exactly why we love our dogs. Not only are they devoted and give us their unconditional love, but dogs contribution to mankind are many.

Dogs’ contribution to man is their gifts of:

1. Unconditional love and devotion
2. Follow our commands
3. Feel and respond to our emotional needs
4. Work and serve us obediently

Our contributions to dogs in kind are:

1. Love
2. Care
3. Food
4. Safety
5. Devotion
6. Attention
7. Play


Throughout history man has used the dog to help with his work assignments and continues to do so. Nowadays, many dogs are taking on new roles for companionship, guarding, and enjoyment in and for our homes.

Select breed to fit into your family:

Much thought and family meetings will help in selecting a dog’s breed. The correct breed selection is important to help your new canine to fit the family lifestyle according to its personality, size, and activity level.

This may sound silly or weird, but it may help to think of a new puppy or dog as being similar to adopting a child. Will it fit the family? Many dogs live 10, 15 or more years. You will want him to be a joy to everyone in the household; not a burden, mistake, or a regret.

Apartment living or small house:

Apartment living or a small house in a suburban or city area would house a small breed easily. They make great companion dogs for the elderly to pamper and as playmates for children. The dog and its personal habits are easy to clean and maintain. They are easy to train and socialize. Some breeds are bark less.

Athletic family:

Do you and your family like hiking, jogging, running, camping, and hunting? Get a breed which is used for hunting. These dogs are energetic and love to run and chase. For years they were used for hunting, chasing, and capturing foxes, coons, rabbits, mountain lions, deer, bears, turkeys and other types of land animals or birds. Hunting dogs vary in sizes and nature.

The prizes of the sport and of the food supply were the rewarding gifts for both the owners and the dogs. Today most of us shop at the local grocery store and there is little need to hunt for our meat supplies.

Working family:

Do you live on a farm, ranch or have many acres of land? The herding breed which is primarily for herding sheep or cattle would be the dog for you and your family. These dogs are very intelligent, hard working dogs, and easy to train.

Since these dogs are used for herding large animals, they are very strong. They need space to run. They enjoy active companionship for fun and exercise. They love adventure and they can be both daring and foolhardy. These dogs have a tendency to bond with one person which can be disappointing to those not chosen.

Security dogs:

If a dog is needed to protect your property, valuables, livestock or family, a guard dog may be considered. These dogs are bred as live protection in place of a mechanical alarm and they take their jobs seriously. They will attack an intruder or intruders if part of their training.

Most of us are familiar with police dogs, warehouse security dogs and military dogs. As comforting as it may be that you would like one of these breeds to protect your family, there can also be a downside for this security. Training will be absolutely essential and there is much responsibility for their behavior.

Dog lovers contribute:

Dog lovers love and enjoy their four-legged friends very much and in return for their companionship, work, and protection provide them with their daily needs.

Maintaining a dog’s health is our major contribution towards their every day care. Reward your puppy or dog with excellent nutritional feedings.

Read food label ingredients on commercial containers or make your own dog foods. Reward your dog’s contribution with nutritional and appropriate foods to help maintain its good health, unconditional love, and devotion.

Discover how to make nutritional home cooked foods for your dogs’ contribution. Visit the pet care section of Infotrish at and review Dog Food Secrets.

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