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Published: 01st February 2012
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Throw away every standard business plan you have heard or read about. It is best to plan your jewelry business as you wish. I have found business plans do not work for artists who have something unique to offer.

It is a waste of time and effort to sit down with pen and paper and create a business plan. Follow your instincts…plan jewelry business according to your specifications.

Doing things your way is wonderful, however; there are responsibilities and challenges which accommodate a free-spirited business plan.

You will need:

• Energy to work long hours
• Strong desire and motivation to be self-employed
• Belief in your self and crafting abilities
• Continuous research
• Be able to cope and handle unexpected interruptions which are not under your control
• Flexible attitude
• Persistence – Do not quit

You will need to manage:

• Yourself
• Finances
• Time schedules
• Work space
• Organizational skills

Earlier I said, “Do not make a business plan, use your instincts and plan jewelry business as you wish”. However, if you choose to work in this free manner I also recommend you financially invest in yourself and talents. Do not borrow money.

Do not borrow money because:

• Financial obligations to another can be an added burden
• Rules and regulations may restrict your creative and business freedom
• Advice and control from the lender will remove you from your business plan
• Attitude change from being self-employed to becoming an employee will bury your dreams

Another important reason for not borrowing money is because you are knowingly self-confident and can make your jewelry business succeed. You have the creativity to make unique jewelry designs which will sell.

Most importantly, you have the energy and drive to promote your unique line of jewelry designs. You are hearing a different drummer and you need to be on your rhythm towards financial success. Doing otherwise would be failure.

Plan jewelry business may not be good English; however, creative beings who are spiritually tuned will know what I am trying to say. Your premonition is accurate. It is a matter of placing the steps to success in their correct order.

Standard list for business essentials include:

• Business name
• Business location
• Legal matters
• Accounting-must know expenses and income
• Business cards, brochures, etc.

Flexible business responsibilities include:

• Advertising and marketing
• Sales outlets
• Types of jewelry designs
• Daily, weekly, and monthly analysis
• 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year strategy plans and goals
• Business education
• Update jewelry craft skills
• Meetings and workshops to keep posted on new items and new trends
• Once a year self-evaluation of business
• Make corrections quickly and willingly
• Accept criticisms graciously

Analyze your jewelry line:

• What makes your creations unique or special?
• Are you developing a style for a particular niche or the general public?
• Are you creating and making jewelry for women, men, or children?
• Which designs are more profitable?

Retail outlets to sell from:

• Arts and crafts shows
• Specialty events
• Galleries, jewelry stores, general retail outlets
• Flea markets and swap meetings
• Church bazaars
• Private parties
• Jewelry shows
• Online

Consider selling your other talents:

• Teaching
• Writing and illustrating books
• Audio or visual media
• Selling supplies

The road to success will have many twists and turns, ups and downs, the expected and the unexpected. That is why you hear so many people say that the journey was the most exciting, interesting, and rewarding adventure of their business life. Leave your footprints in the sand.

This is your year to plan jewelry business according to your wishes and instincts. Discover other methods of jewelry making and selling. Visit the home business section of Infotrish at and review “The A-Z Steps to Becoming a Jewelry Designer”.

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