Storage Shed Plans - Shelves, Racks and Hooks

Published: 17th December 2009
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You and a friend or two can build a shed in a very short amount of time. The shed can be constructed in a matter of a few hours or take a leisure pace completing it as a weekend project.

The building process is short compared to the planning stage. Designing your own storage shed plans will take a great deal of time versus ordering a set of storage shed plans that meet your requirements.

There are thousands of plans available on the internet. The storage shed plan you choose will have step by step instructions, construction drawings with details, and a materials list.

The next step is building or installing shelves, racks and hooks.

Think list:

*Look at what you are going to store.
*Place items into separate piles.
*Take accurate measurements. Correct height, depth and width will be needed.

Self questions:

*Do you want to use pegboard, brackets, or hooks?
*Do you need storage shelves in the shed for both the interior and exterior?
*Are you going to utilize your woodworking craftsmanship and build shelves, workbench, counter space, chests, floating shelves, attached or free standing vertical storage space, and draws?
*Do you prefer purchasing industrial metal storage, wood, plastic or glass shelving?

At this point I think you are beginning to realize how important storage shed plans are becoming and planning ahead for shelves, racks, and hooks.

The storage materials that you select will depend on use and protection offered by the different building materials.

As a woodworking craftsman you are knowledgeable of the fact that wood is the first choice for shelving in sheds because it is more versatile and offers more styles.

It can be money saving as you can build your shelves from any left over wood that was not used when building the shed or old wood scraps which you have located around your house, the dumpster, or asked permission from the neighbor that is building a new house on your street.

Helpful Tips:

*Use 2 x 4's to make frame, cut scrap plywood to fit the shelf area, and stain or paint the shelves if you wish.
*Use plastic painters' tarp material lining for the shelves for storing gas cans, paint, and pesticides.
*Closet type shelving with lock for safety or security.
*Use plastic bins for storing potting soil or soil additives.
*Use large bins for storing seasonal products like Christmas tree ornaments and decorations.
*Metal, plastic, wood, or basket bins should be uniform in size to allow for more storage. Irregular shapes take up additional space.
*Use a garden caddy for hand tools, gloves, plant seeds and other small items used in gardening.
*Workbench, ideal height is usually thirty six inches. Install in the shed or attach to the shed on the outside wall or design it freestanding.
*Hang rakes, spades, and shovels handles up, sharp edges down.
*Hang power tools, bicycles, and larger tools in the rafters.
*Tool racks can be attached to pegboard or to stud.

Are you ready to put your woodworking abilities to work? Do you need storage shed plans or other woodworking plans for storage accessories?
Stop by and discover a simple solution.

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