The Potting Shed For Gardening Solutions

Published: 14th September 2011
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The Potting Shed For Gardening Solutions

Imagine how wonderful it would be to have a potting shed for gardening solutions. It would eliminate accidental spilling of seeds, compost, fertilizer, and special mixes. It would help to relieve an aching back and painful knees from excessive bending.

The potting shed can hold a simple table with a chair under a lean to or it can be a building containing a work table, bench, shelving, and storage area for tools and supplies. It may also contain plumbing and electrical hookups. The building design can be simple or elaborate.

Have you ever had the experience of trying to balance a sheet of lumber on wooden horses while attempting to put together potting projects? Then for some unexplainable reason the entire improvised table falls to the ground. You do not want to hear my language when all collapses.

Perhaps, you are also considering constructing a potting shed for your garden supplies and plants. It is time to make planting and transplanting easier and more enjoyable. Are you ready for a potting shed, a garden shed, or a potting lean to?

Have you been looking at different types of gardening shed plans, yard shed plans, how to build sheds, and gathering ideas from any source trying to meet your working needs? I am sure your mind is bustling with thoughts of the best potting shed for your gardening solutions to solve or improve your working space.

Do you need storage space for large garden tools and gardening equipment? Consider designing your storage shed to also double as a potting shed.

Whether your potting shed is free-standing or to be included as part of another type of storage shed, plumbing would be an added advantage and convenience. Not only do you want to pot your seedlings and young plants, but you also want to water them.

The added tasks of cleaning pots, small garden tools, harvested fruits and vegetables, and washing your hands will be easier and more convenient.

A potting table at the correct height for working is great. Shelving, a sink for running water, and an extended counter are additional necessities or conveniences. Hooks for miscellaneous items and shelving for larger pots and bin storage are welcomed.

Shading over my work area would be a pleasant addition. The solution for my work table is to attach a slightly pitched roof anchored with two posts to our storage shed. In other words, a lean to structure attached to the side wall of our storage shed. Then build a potting bench and shelving onto the exterior or of the existing shed. A sheet of lattice with hooks can also be attached to the shed wall for hanging items.

Another row of shelving can be on the underside of the potting workbench for larger containers and garden supplies. After this small outbuilding extension is constructed I can have a sitting stool and save bending my knees.

This idea will serve my purposes. There are many ways to construct the potting shed for gardening solutions unique to your property and dreams. Convert your dreams and ideas to the reality of the situation. You will be amazed at your workable solutions.

This article was written to get you inspired to warm up your woodworking skills and to bring about solutions for your garden shed plans. It is your decision if you would like to design your gardening structure or receive shed plan designs from professional designing companies.

Download your free shed plan today. Visit the hobbies section at and review Welcome Woodworking Enthusiasts. My Shed Plans Elite.

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